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There is something evil there

23 June 2008 21:50

So I've had a hectic few days, and I'm getting close to having caught up with the things that I've been sitting on whilst I've been away.

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Some interesting things I've been working upon recently include a fun little firewall tool. Once upon a time I wrote a firewall script which worked like this:

`-- incoming.d
    |-- smtp
    |-- ssh
    `-- www
`-- outgoing.d
    |-- ssh
    |-- smtp
    |-- dns
    `-- icmp

When you executed the magic firewall script it would scan the incoming.d directory, and for each file it found lookup the relevant port in /etc/services. These port numbers would then be opened. And at the end you'd just have a "-j DROP".

After a long phone conversation to a colleague on Thursday/Friday of last week I've now reworked this idea anew. There is still the notion of filenames referring to what is allowed for a pair of directories (incoming.d/ + outgoing.d/) but even more flexability and no hardwired use of /etc/servvices.

I guess some ideas are just too simple to give up ..?

Anyway there are a plethora of different firewall applications of varying sophistication and complexity in the world. I don't really want to go out of my way to promote this one - but at the same time it might be a useful idea for somebody?

The next (work) job I have is determining how to make a "kernel" + "kernel-dev" RPM package based on Debian sources. Joy. Actually the more I look around the more fiddly, annoying, and troublesome I suspect this is going to be. Sigh.

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Sorry I'm late. Work was murder.

24 June 2008 21:50

I've spent a few hours recently looking at building RPM packages of GNU/Linux kernels, which has been a frustrating process.

There are many many online guides which give the impression that this is actually a pretty complex process. For example How To Compile A Kernel - The CentOS Way guide. (Did I mention how bad most of the howtoforge guides are recently?)

So, after fiddling around for an afternoon and getting lost I decided to abandon the process.

Here is a tested process for building a binary RPM kernel package:

cd linux-
make rpm

Yes this works just fine upon a Centos 5.x machine - I'm used to using make-kpkg to make a Debian kernel package, but it seems that if you just visit kernel.org and download the latest version you can build a RPM without any extra effort thanks to native support. Cool.

Now I need to work out how to create, host, and update a YUM repository. That looks fiddly and annoying too. XML. Eww. Any guides are most welcome - ultimately I need to package and host a "recent" kernel for Centos 4.x, Centos 5.x and Fedora Core 6-9 - each for i386 + amd64.

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