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Cecile, this is what I like to call "quiet time"

11 March 2008 21:50

So early this evening I looked for more bugs to fix in the Debian packages I use the most, instead of doing security work. (Because I'm waiting for buildds..)

Anyway I figured I'd take a peak at the mutt-patched package - since I have my own patched backport for Etch these days. I'd like to get into the habit of making sure it stays current, but honestly I'll probably forget in a few months.

One bug #464189 caught my eye. It is asking for a couple of patches, neither of which I'd heard of. One of them is obviously extremely useful though - it is designed to change the sidebar in such a way that it only displays mailboxes with unread messages in them.

I hunted high and low for the patch and had to admit defeat.

So I wrote my own, and now my backported package contains a suitable patch.

In other news I made a new release of the chronicle blog compiler, which I'm now using in a few more places.

All in all it has been a busy day and I got a fair amount of hacking done!

The other thing, that I can speak about, which I did today was package the Perl Lingua::Identify module so that my spam filtering service can offer users the opportunity to reject mails written in, say, Russian, or Italian.

I'm tempted to give them up to Sarah for adoption, as she was making noises at the weekend about joining Debian (then again so was Jacob Appelbaum). The only issue is that I think she should use the Debian Perl group to get involved, and I've not seen any sign of activity there from her since she first mentioned joining it. Sarah: Consider this a reminder!

Update: Feel free to nominate any *crash* bugs you'd like me to attempt to fix. Providing they're not in video or audio playback code! Could be a fun challenge..

ObQuote: Cruel Intentions.

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