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16 October 2008 21:50

Screen Fork?

There are times when I think of forking. Mostly sanity returns very quickly, though

Still GNU Screen is one program that I use almost constantly, and it seems to work at a glacial pace.

The Debian package has a lot of open bugs against it. Some trivial, some annoying, and some with patches.

Making the program GNU/Linux only would simplify a lot of things. But then again would that be a legitimate reason to fork it?

Me? I'd just like to see some additional primitives.


I've come up with a nice simple qpsmtpd plugin to do spamgourmet-like setup.

This means I can have email addresses:

  • steve.3.count@steve.org.uk
    • Allows only three mails to this address.
  • steve.date.20-10-2008@steve.org.uk
    • Allows only mail to be sent here prior to Oct 20th.

Plugin code will be in the usual place in the next day or two..

ObFilm: xXx