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8 July 2007 21:50

If you use xen-tools and you've ever wanted to be able to setup arbitrary partitions within your new guests you can do so now.

skx@vain:~$ sudo xen-create-image  --boot --hostname=pt.my.flat --partitions=sample-server
General Information
Hostname       :  pt.my.flat
Distribution   :  etch
Partitions     :  swap            2G    (swap)
                  /               1G    (ext3)
                  /var            4G    (xfs)
                  /opt            1.5G  (xfs)
                  /usr            4G    (xfs)
                  /tmp            0.5G  (xfs)
                  /home           1G    (xfs)
                  /var/tmp        1.5G  (xfs)

How cool is that? Many thanks to Sascha Kettler for the patch.

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