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When the day is through

4 November 2007 21:50

The webpages for the Debian Security Audit Project have been outdated for quite some time. Specifically because they contained two static pages comprised of large lists which were annoying to update:

  • The list of security advisories we've been responsible for.
  • The list of security-sensitive bug reports we'd made which didn't require a security advisory. (ie. packages in sid)

Last week, with the help of Rhonda, and a couple of other people, I removed the static lists and replaced them with simple data files, and a perl script to convert those data files into HTML content.

Now the advisories which have been released are ordered by date, and broken down into years. For example 2002, 2003, & etc. We also have a list of all the people who've been credited with at least one advisory.

There are some outstanding advisories still to be included, but otherwise I'm much happier with the process (and feel only guilt at the breakage of the translations).

There isn't much actual auditing happening at the moment, with only four advisories released in 2007 compared to many more at the peak. But I guess that is a separate problem, and one that I can do less about - short of finding more time to look at source code.

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