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Take a portable terminal, go out there and patch in manually.

18 October 2008 21:50

I might regret this later, but until I recant:

This features several changes already, and a few more are pending.

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icon Charles Darke at 10:50 on 18 October 2008
It will be interesting to see where this goes. At the moment, for me personally, there's nothing in the changes to make me switch, but I hope there soon will be!
icon Steve Kemp at 10:57 on 18 October 2008


I wonder what feature(s) or changes would make it a compelling alternative for you?

I've got a few things queued up which are mostly to suit my tastes, but I've no idea what other people would be lured by..

icon Omari Norman at 12:49 on 18 October 2008
Something I have long wished screen had is the ability to vertically split the screen. I have seen various patches for this but I don't know what the upstream status of this is.
Also, screen forgets my split setup when I detach and attach, although to be fair I haven't looked into this much and maybe there is a fix for it in the current screen.
icon Steve Kemp at 12:51 on 18 October 2008

Omari - the virtical split is integrated with my changes.

Saving and restoring layouts is probably a hard problem. I know the last time I saw it discussed the suggestion was "Use nested screens" which is suboptimal..

icon Anonymous at 17:59 on 18 October 2008
I'd love to see screen fixed so that multiuser screens work without making screen setuid root. That alone would get me to switch to tscreen.
Also, http://bugs.debian.org/407584 seems like a trivial fix that would make screen less broken in a modern UTF-8 world.
icon Steve Kemp at 18:31 on 18 October 2008

Anonymous - if $LC_ALL contains UTF-8 then "-U" doesn't need to be specified in tscreen.


icon Saint Aardvark at 23:18 on 18 October 2008
Dude! Vertical split? I'm in!
icon anon at 14:47 on 19 October 2008
A way to work with or like detachtty would be great, too. Then tscreen can be run inside or outside Emacs...