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17 June 2010 21:50

Perl & Apache?

Once upon a time, within the past year, I saw mention of a simpler version of mod_perl - an apache module which let you write code to run within the context of a persistent perl process.

However my DuckDuckGofu is weak, and I'm struggling to find this project.

Did I dream it, or could somebody tell me where it lives?

Dynamic Picture Frames

So I've been taking pictures recently. Lots of pictures.

Many times many images have been printed and hung upon my walls, and the price of frames is starting to become onerous.

I'd love to see some kind of "dynamic" picture wall - but the two alternatives I considered fail:

Metal & Magnets

Place a huge sheet of metal upon your wall. Then put wee magnets inside your frames.


Imagine a full wall that was paneled with what is essentially a large notice-board..

Both of these would look ugly; the metal one perhaps less so.

But the idea of having a wall which could have pictures mounted upon it, without having big nail holes if you rearranged and which could cope with dynamic repositioning and sizes is nice ..

Invent it for me? I'll buy one. Probably even two...

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icon JordiFunollet at 14:23 on 21 June 2010

You don't need a magnetic wall, just magnetic lines. ;-)


icon poisonbit at 12:42 on 19 June 2010

mod_perl is not encouraged in most modern Perl frameworks.

Has said betwen the mod_perl comments, your keywords are: plack, PSGI, etc ( http://plackperl.org/ )

If you want a more venerable technology, the most used in production was (is?) fastcgi (you can use with old CGI's, doing your .fcgi app directly or using frameworks as Catalyst, Dancer, Mojolicious, etc) and is more like you're going to find all needed depends packaged.

Using a framework is encouraged, because you can abstract of the webserver technology used for your app (i.e. Catalyst can run in CGI, FastCGI, mod_perl, PSGI/PLACK, standalone server included in the app, CLI, MS IIS or other needs)

Greetings and keep your sites/code/sharing/articles etc running. They are very well appreciated :-)

icon bob at 23:29 on 17 June 2010

mod_perilte perhaps.

although the cool kids are using plack under fcgi these days :)

icon Aigars Mahinovs at 23:38 on 17 June 2010

Something like http://www.sticklebook.com/ only with 'book'-like frames for the pictures - just the sides and maybe a few milimeters of the bottom part on each side. So you would take a photo, put a half-frame on either side of it and then just stick it into the 'shelf'. For larger photos you could have larger frame ends that could stick into more than one shelf for stability.

icon Jaldhar at 00:43 on 18 June 2010

modperlite? (http://www.modperlite.org/).

icon Anonymous at 00:59 on 18 June 2010

Put a huge sheet of metal inside your wall, behind the usual sheetrock. Use magnets.

Downside: hope you don't want to use wifi through that wall. :)

icon Mike Greb at 01:24 on 18 June 2010

mod_perlite? Seems to have lost steam, saddly...


icon rhesa at 01:54 on 18 June 2010

You're asking about mod_perlite, see http://www.modperlite.org/ . The website looks a bit dead, but github still shows some activity.

I'm a bit sad it hasn't taken off in a bigger way, but then again, mod_perl2 works just fine for me.

You might want to look into PSGI / Plack etc, that's where all the action seems to be these days.

icon Benjamin Seidenberg at 03:01 on 18 June 2010

Why not hang a metal sheet then put some (thin) adhesive wallpaper or texture or whatever over it? It'd still be magnetic but it would look nice.

Keep in mind not to do the whole room or it'll kill any chance of wifi/cell phones working.

icon Ben Marsh at 03:35 on 18 June 2010

Maybe that simpler version of mod_perl is mod_perlite (http://www.modperlite.org/)

icon Jasper at 06:36 on 18 June 2010

on 2:
In the Netherlands we have systems for that. It's a rail you attach at the top of the wall. Pictures are hanging from transparant wires that are attached to that rail with hooks that can be fixed at any point along the wire. So complete freedom to choose the position. Only downside is that you do see the wires to some extent. But it beats metal and corkboard walls for sure. :)

icon natxo asenjo at 06:54 on 18 June 2010

mod_perlite? http://www.modperlite.org/

icon Mikael at 07:05 on 18 June 2010

There are also "magnetic" paints, I don't have experience if they really work as advertized though...

icon tshirtman at 07:14 on 18 June 2010

I think magnetic paint may be a solution… I never used it, i don't put things on my wall, but i think it should be enough for pictures… :)

icon Niko at 07:32 on 18 June 2010

Dynamic pictures:
Get some magnetic chalkboard paint from http://www.magnamagic.com/start.html! No metal or cork, just the wall where you can put you frames on.

icon Alphager at 08:09 on 18 June 2010

I can't help with the Perl-Problem, but there is an alternative to a huge steel sheet:
Magnetic paint (e.g. http://shop.magnamagic.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=MAGNAMAGIC&Product_Code=GAW710&Category_Code=FEATURED%20PRODUCTS); there are several manufacturers of that stuff. The trick seems to be to apply three layers of it and then top it of with one or two layers of normal paint.

icon Steve Kemp at 15:25 on 18 June 2010

Thanks very much for the people who pointed me at mod_perlite - it looks like a dead project, regretably.

The idea of using magnetic paint is sheer genius. I'd be a little concerned that metal frames and heavy glass my slowly start to slide down the wall(s) but for sheer creativity it wins outright.

I'm just in the middle of painting one room (and have been for a few weeks now) so I'll head down to the hardware store at the weekend and see if they sell any of this magical paint.

Thanks again, everybody!

icon obvi at 16:36 on 18 June 2010

Picture Problem

There is this little known sheet material called pinboard. It is rarely used but can be found in obscure institutions such as schools. It can be painted or clad with fabrics. There are huge sheetsizes available.

icon Luke Faraone at 04:10 on 20 June 2010

As everyone else said, magnetic paint.

Ref: http://lifehacker.com/230205/weekend-project-make-a-magnetic-poster-wall

I've used it at home, and it worked for me with three picture frames and some posters. Just apply several layers, and attach strong magnets to the corners of the frame.

icon Simon at 02:30 on 21 June 2010

Persistent Perl - use fastcgi - which for Debian means:

aptitude install libapache2-mod-fcgid

It is a bitch to configure, and the only decent documentation for mod-fcgid is for the version in the Apache project which has renamed all the configuration options and fixed a load of bugs since the version in Lenny. You can probably achieve the same effect in other ways if needed.

icon qweuyeqwieqwui at 09:30 on 21 June 2010

an apache module which let*s* you?