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The Chronicles of ... Steve

22 November 2005 21:50


I'm sleeping a lot more than I should be which is making me pretty apathetic at the moment.

Even checking email is a real effort. Let alone replying.

Last Post

As previously mentioned I'm utterly unfranchised with WordPress.

This will be my last post using it.

All future updates will be made using Chronicle, a simple Perl-based application I've been working on for a while. (The best part is the name!)

So far I've got code to :


  • Import old comments.
  • Add code to handle displaying/editting/deleting comments.
  • Add some mod_rewrite magic so that all my old links still work.

The application is pretty nice, comprised of several perl modules and built using the CGI::Application base-class.

I realise this contradicts the apathetic stanza above …

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