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They look uncannily like something you should be very, very afraid of

4 December 2008 21:50

"I've got chills
They're multiplying

I guess technically I could have used that as a subject, but ugh.

If ever you're a bit shiverry, and a bit unwell, don't shave your head. It'll take three times as long, and you'll cut yourself.

ObQuote: Red Dwarf.



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icon Josh K. at 19:38 on 4 December 2008
Don't you mean "Grease"?
icon Steve Kemp at 20:34 on 4 December 2008

That was the source of the quote in the body. The quote in the title was definitely Red Dwarf though.

Like I said I could have used that as a subject, but I didn't really have much to say so I figured I'd stretch it out a little ..