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1 March 2010 21:50

As previously mentioned I've switched my webserving over to a mixture of apache2 & thttpd.

I chose thttpd as it is simple to configure for my needs, and supports the execution of CGI scripts. Some of the other simple webservers available to Debian's current stable release (such as nginx) don't support CGI so they were ruled out.

Of course prior to choosing thttpd I looked at the state of the Debian package. Distressingly the package has no current maintainer and has several bugs open, including some that have been open for several years without comment.

I've just made my second upload fixing a couple of bugs, including ones that I could see affecting myself, but now I'm done with it.

In conclusion:

  • I've fixed a few bugs.
  • I suspect that many of the open bugs are 100% unreproducable and should be closed after checking with the submitter.
  • The package could do with a volunteer to maintain it.

On the one hand it is "just another webserver", on the other hand it is genuinely small, simple to configure, and has a couple of compelling features (CGI + throttling).

So. Go. Adopt. Maintain.

Pretty please...

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icon jimcooncat at 21:36 on 1 March 2010

This is a wonderful little server to use to serve images for your website. Put your text content on the server of your choice (like apache), but serve your images from a separate server with thttpd. Under strain, your images may serve slowly (and the throttling feature will help you out), but your text content will not suffer.

Only tough part about this is to remember to reference your image server (like images.example.com) when you're making a link to an image.

icon Steve Kemp at 21:44 on 1 March 2010

Yeah I do something like that on the Debian Administration site:

  • All images & Javascript & CSS is handled by one nginx server.
  • Everything else is handled by Apache.
icon someone at 02:17 on 2 March 2010

As can be seen from the PTS page, someone intends to maintain it but needs a sponsor:


Please consider contacting the person and asking them what the status of their ITA is, then sponsor their package.

icon Steve Kemp at 02:23 on 2 March 2010

Thanks for the suggestion; I'll drop him/her a mail tomorrow - though the warning there about directly changing files doesn't fill me with confidence ..