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Tonight is going to be scandalous

6 July 2006 21:50

A busy few days with a new release of mod_ifier, and a new toy: 20gb hard-drive based MP3 player for keeping me company on the train to work.

I'm going to spend tonight figuring out how to get access to POST data sent to Apache, by looking at the source of mod_tcl - It seems to be annoyingly complicated, but I'm sure there are reasons..

Nothing else much happening at the moment. I spent a few hours writing scripts to setup a virtual hosting environment for Apache2 + Exim4 + Bind, so I can add/list/remove domains from my server with ease. Nothing terribly complex, but nice to use.

Probably they will never be useful to other people since they work with my perculiar setup:

  • Websites beneath /home/www/example.com/{ htdocs logs cgi-bin}
    • Create new sites and create a webalizer configuration file.
  • Mail handling for local users only via /etc/exim4/virtual - as described here: multiple domains + exim4

If I had the patience I'd make a pretty front-end, but I have no intention of getting in any kind of conflict-of-interest situation with work, and also I know for any "hosting control panel" the polish is almost more important than the facilities - too many people are very very new to server management and I'm not really good at dealing with that kind of audience.

If there is any interest I could share the CVS repository, but it is mostly simple stuff.

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