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Updated apt + Sarge

9 June 2005 21:50

Updated Apt-Repository

I've updated my personal apt repository to make it have a better structure. Now I'm in the process of updating the packages there to work with sarge - almost done.

I hope the changing structure doesn't break too many peoples updates! The contents haven't really changed too much, although I've removed all the packages which are now contained in the Sarge release.

Updated to Sarge

I updated my webserver to Sarge in the early morning.

Mostly it went well, I was left with a bunch of .dpkg-old files to merge and patchup afterwards, but the process was very straightforward.

Minor problems with Apache, and some source-compiled modules. But nothing major.

ViewCVS needed updating to make the images work properly, but i'm not sure if that was my breakage or a bug with the upgrade process. (Had to add 'docroot = /viewcvs' to the viewcvs.conf file).

integrit didn't like the Woody database, so I just trashed it and rebuilt a new one.

exim3 complained about some files in /var/spool/exim3/db, so I removed them.

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