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Voting and Writing.

25 March 2005 21:50

Debian Vote

I've made my vote for the Debian Project Leader election…

I was pondering the current setup last night, and I think it would be interesting to investigate the idea of having the DPL stand for a "release term" - rather than a year.

I can't decide if this would be a good thing or not, but at least I think it would be an interesting change.

Other stuff

The ngrep package is now in better shape after the recent upload.

I sponsored the introduction of skippy into the Debian archive - it's a funky tool for switching between open windows. I recommend you check it out if you're into desktop toys.

A few new articles have been written:

More are pending, I guess not working is giving me more time to experiment with things and write.

Planet Trivia

More people arrive at my site(s) via planet.debian.net than via planet.debian.org - Historical artifact?

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