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Website ponderings

17 May 2005 21:50

Change is bad

I'm realising how hard it is to change a website which has been running for a while with a decent amount of users.

The problem is two-fold:

  • Users who see the change tend to prefer the older version, because they know it.
  • Adding extra options to a user's account, or the site, is largely something that current users don't notice or take advantage of.

I think this could be part of the reason why the layout of Slashdot is still so broken - it works. Everybody knows that slashdot could be improved, but it's not seen as an important enough way to spend time.

I'm still planning how to redo my homepage. I'm very tempted to go into a more dynamic direction - I think I've hand editted every single page on the site twice to update the look and feel.

Doing it a third time would just demonstrate I haven't learnt anything, and suck up hours of my life which could be better spent.

The Open Source Web Design site will probably be browsed to find a decent layout into which I can place my content - then I need to work out what to use to power it.

Most of my pages are static text with minimal images. (Apart from the image galleries).

lus side I'm happy with the directory / URI naming. So I do expect to keep things where they currently are - I cool URIs dont change after all!

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