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7 July 2008 21:50

I made a tarball release of the repository creation tool I mentioned previously, because I got a couple of mails about it.

Mostly it seems to be working out OK, to the extent that I've noticed using it at home and work.

Anyway there is a tarball available from the rapt site.

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icon Anonymous at 18:11 on 10 July 2008
Very nice tool. It seems to make the task of repository maintenance trivial.
Would you consider uploading it to Debian?
Also, two small feature requests:
* Could you add support for ignoring the distributions specified in the .changes files and putting all packages in a specified distribution? I tend to build packages with the default "unstable" as the distribution because I don't want to change debian/changelog based on how I want to organize my repository. (Even better if rapt can override the distribution on a per-package basis, but a single override for all packages would work.)
* Since you parse the changes files already, could you add some way to prune the input directory to contain only the newest packages?
Thanks again for rapt.
icon Steve at 09:42 on 11 July 2008


I hadn't considered uploading this to Debian, pretty much because I only use it for hosting backports, so it can't be used from Debian anyway .. if there is more interest I'd be happy enough to do it though.

As for your requests:

1. I think that should be possible. I'll take a look over the weekend.

2. I think I don't want to do that. I think if your input directory contains "foo-v1.0" and "foo-v1.1" then reprepro will add the first package, then immediately replace it with the second - so there shouldn't be any harm in having them both present. If that isn't the case do let me know and I'll try to do it...