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What use is a souvenir of something

19 June 2006 21:50

xen-tools 2.0b1 released. Please test and let me know what breaks.

After so much work, so many bugs, and so many fixes I'm reluctant to go straight from 1.6 -> 2.0, so a 2.0b1 release is in order.


  • Support for arbitary hook scripts.
  • Improved command completion code.
  • Better handling of errors.
  • The ability to allow multiple IP addresses for xen guests.
  • Possible to use "sparse" vs. "full" disk images.
  • Parameterised Xen configuration files (via Text::Template.)
  • Better documentation (?)
  • More robust passwd + shadow file handling.
  • Several installation methods; debootstrap, rpmstrap, copy, and tarfiles.

Probably more that I've forgotten about.

If I hear positive feedback expect a real release and upload to Sid this week. If not .. whenever I get round to it.

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