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Friday, 5 September 2008


Two years ago I started running the xen-hosting.org setup, offering Xen hosting for 7 people for a reasonable price. (Basically to subsidise my own desire to have a big guest and not pay too much for it)

At that time I was charging £11.50 for a Xen guest with 256Mb of memory and 10Gb of disk space.

Each year since then we've managed to increase the spec. For the same price.

Two years on this means I'm now hosting 7 Xen guests with 1Gb of memory, and 40Gb of disk space, for that same price of £11.50 a month. Nice to see how things can improve as time goes on :)

In other news - It is just past our two year anniversary.

DNS Blacklist

Thanks to the people who said nice things about the DNS blacklist I setup the other day.

I suffered a couple of DNS-problems earlier in the day, but things should be back up and running for good now. I hope.

The ultimate cause was using ":" not "&" records with tinydns. Sigh.

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[gravitar] Lamby

Submitted at 21:31:46 on 5 september 2008

It was lamby-xen's first birthday yesterday. :)


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