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With our lecherous plans

6 December 2006 21:50

Multiple times we've talked about having a Debian-Developer-Gallery. That could be something like all the pictures from various conferences and events, to just having a mugshot of each registered developer.

So :

  1. Is this a good idea?
  2. Do you have a picture you'd like to be included?

I'm volunteering to setup a simple site which will contain one photograph of each Debian Developer (ideally which they will submit themselves, I'm not sure how to handle the case of somebody saying "This pictures is foo@debian.org" when foo didn't authorise/expect it to become public.)

This simple site will be accessed via:

  • http://mugshots.debian.net/foo/

Each page will contain:

  • Link to the homepage of dd-foo, as found in LDAP.
  • One single image of user foo. Thumbnail if "too big" linking to the full size version.
  • (Optionally links to QA.d.org, etc, but that is secondary to this purpose.)

(No ratings, no tagging, possibly a "random user" link, or an index by username. Nothing complex or too dynamic)

Suggestions for a better name would be appreciated. I figure either "faces" or "mugshots" - since the obvious "gallery.d.net" is already taken.

So .. comment here if you think this is a good idea. Or feel free to mail me a link/attached image.

Assuming I get say 50 developers thinking this is a good idea I will setup the DNS alias and put the site live. Bandwidth will be minimal, but I think having the friendly faces (?!) visible would be a good thing. And will make identification of people prior to meetings signficantly easier.

(At times like this I wish I could host a real poll .. but ignoring that for a second.)

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