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Words are very unnecessary

15 February 2006 21:50

Today I started to get annoyed when my bash completion code wasn't available upon my laptop.

To fix this I've created a simple Debian package called steve-completion - with the intention that I'll move all my custom completion code into it. This should make my environments more sane and uniform.

Right now I've just added support for completion of upload targets to dupload, and completion of the options for the pyzor package. Over the next few days I'll add my other code.

To avoid naming conflicts the files are named /etc/bash_completion.d/foo.steve. I dislike the Steve-suffix, but I dont want to trample on files which may be made available by package maintainers. (Assuming I get round to filing wishlist bugs.)

This is comparible to the steve-base virtual package I made/use which exists solely as a package to pull in dependencies such as screen, sudo, etc. (These are packages which I miss when they are not available.)

I wonder how many other people have similar packages? I know I got the idea from mdz ..

Update: - CVS repository.

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