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Wednesday, 1 March 2006

It looks like I’ve earnt another ID: CVE-2005-4720 – Firefox 1.0.6 segfaults on this malformed .html page.

Still no news about the security bounty though. I’m tempted to prod people .. but I haven’t managed to get round to it yet.

On the one hand it’s bad to push for things like that. On the other hand there is no way I’d cash the cheque, and it would look lovely hanging on my wall….

Nothing much to say about the Debian Project Leader election yet. I think it is pretty clear to me that the idea of a “team DPL” was a failure. (At least I saw nothing happen any different.)

I hoped the current/previous DPL would do great things, but to be honest didn’t see much evidence of it. (I know that personal issues came up, which is understandable, but it was disappointing to see the lack of promised status reports.)

I also utterly refuse to vote for anybody who mentions in their platforms “we’re all social disfunctional”. I’m not. I’m good with people, animals, and myself. I don’t need somebody reinforcing geek stereotypes in even the smallest way.

I did have the vague hope we’d have a female DPL, but alas that doesn’t look like it will happen for a while longer. Something to think about for the next year perhaps?

Ummm .. I’m not sure how valid people would consider my opinions given that I’ve been mostly driven away from Debian mailing lists, and have never been a big IRC users .. so I will stop commenting now!

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