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Y'know it ain't right when its all wrong

22 August 2006 21:50

Peter Nuttall is my personal hero for running with my idea to limit N consecutive posts on a planetplanet installation - if you'd like test it and apply it to planet.debian.org, or elsewhere, find it here. (Note: Patch is reversed).

Bad day at work today. I spent half the morning wrestling with xen on my laptop - it seems that linux-image-2.6.16-2-xen-686 or linux-modules-2.6.16-2-xen-686 panics on boot in some weird Xen way. (ie. before initrd.) I upgraded to these packages yesterday afternoon, and the problem only showed itself by a failure to boot this morning.

Since the laptop is fairly new none of my install CDs were capable of booting it with networking. In the end I downloaded knoppix, broke a window whilst waiting for it to download, and finally installed a non-Xen kernel so I could work.

I've reported a bug against the kernel package (with a bogus email address which I'll need to fixup afterwards) but it hasn't shown up in the bts yet. There isn't anything obvious in the bootup message just a panic after "disabling trace buffers" so I'm not sure the report will be terribly useful.

In other "worky" news four months after making the request I got a second phone line installed in my flat today, so I can get another network connection. Neat.

Now I need to track down somebody to replace / fix my window. Thats going to be pricy, but it will have to be done before the weather turns or I'll freeze in my house. The problem is frustratingly mechanical - the window "handle" is jammed in such a way that I can't turn the handle and close the window - so it is permananetly open about four inches.

The frustration comes primarily because if the window would open more, (it won't), I could use a screwdrive to unscrew the locking site - and that would allow me to close it. (Albeit leaving it unlocked).

Its half-open/half-closed state is just the worse way for it to be stuck.

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