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Yo lunchbox, hurry it up.

9 September 2008 21:50

Today I received two kittens. They rock.

Somebody else who rocks? Martin F. Krafft.

Martin rocks because of this gem I came across today managing ~/.ssh/known_hosts via git.

The idea is that instead of having a single file known_hosts you have a known_hosts.d/ directory containing multiple entries that are concatenated together.

So neat. So obvious. So nice. Rock award.

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Comments on this entry

icon Alex at 23:13 on 9 September 2008
Kitten express? How exactly were they delivered!?
Care to do a short write-up on converting to known.hosts.d perhaps in a quick article on D-A?
icon Steve Kemp at 08:28 on 10 September 2008

They were delivered by car, all the way from Newcastle!

As to a writeup that seems like it would be a hard one to explain - but I can point you at a script to splitup an existing file if you like?

icon jeremiah at 08:58 on 10 September 2008
Are you the lunchbox? One of them certainly seems to be eyeing you for some grub! Please don't say their names are boo and hamm!
icon Steve Kemp at 18:28 on 10 September 2008

I don't think they're going to eat me, but I guess as provider-of-food I'm the lunchman!

As for names, they're a little more interesting :)

icon david at 19:18 on 12 September 2008
Managing known-hosts with git is neat, but even neater is http://monkeysphere.info