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Apologies for the blog-churn.

19 February 2017 21:50

I've been tweaking my blog a little over the past few days, getting ready for a new release of the chronicle blog compiler (github).

During the course of that I rewrote all the posts to have 100% lower-case file-paths. Redirection-pages have been auto-generated for each page which was previously mixed-case, but unfortunately that will have meant that the RSS feed updated unnecessarily:

That triggered a lot of spamming, as the URLs would have shown up as being new/unread/distinct.



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icon Sytoka at 09:59 on 19 February 2017

As you rewrite URL mixed-case, maybe it's also the good time to replace _ by - (s/_/-/) ? Underscore is not a nice char in URL and for example, Wordpress replace it by dash.

icon Steve Kemp at 10:23 on 19 February 2017

At this time I'm only rewriting case, and only because I did that in the past, but then stopped. That meant there were a lot of broken links out there pointing to content here.

I did briefly consider rewriting other characters, but decided against it. Pretty much only handling the mixed-case issue to avoid broken links, rather than for any particular "cleanliness".

icon Jonathan at 11:13 on 20 February 2017

I limit my RSS to only a couple of entries to avoid this problem, I blog infrequently enough that I can be sure the regular RSS scrapers have caught any new entries. But TBH this happens fairly infrequently on big aggregators like planet.d.o and if it was enough of a problem, then I would think it best for the aggregator to implement "defensive measures"