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OpenID + Debian

4 September 2005 21:50


I'm trying to get OpenID code working, but I'm having a problem with the perl Net::OpenID::Consumer module.

Despite the demo working, using the same source code upon my host fails. Ugh.

I've made minimal Debian packages of the relevent perl modules, but until I can work out whether my code, my understanding, or the server is wrong I'm going to leave it for a month or two.

I guess that means that my image hosting site will not accept LiveJournal credentials for the forseeable future.


I wrote some more articles, tidied some more code, and tried not to get involved in any arguments.

A good month.

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Settlers of Catan

8 September 2005 21:50

GNOCatan Renamed?

The settlers of Catan game, gnocatan, appears to have been renamed to "pioneers".

The new version looks almost identical to the old, but is significantly slower to play.

There are also some annoying bugs - like the "Roll Dice" being unclickable if your turn begins whilst the mouse pointer is already hovered over the button. (You must move the mouse away, then back again to click it. Ugh).

I'm disappointed, but hopefully things will improve. I love the game, and have a couple of the board games - including the Zarahemla branded version which is a nice game for a pair of players.

(I've seen a million variants of the boardgame, but I mostly play either the official game, or Seafarers. The spacefarers game I've seen and admired but never really enjoyed).

Update: Bug filed, seems to be just me that is seeing this so far…

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Kernel + Stuff

10 September 2005 21:50

L33t Skillz

I sent in my first Linux kernel patch.

From here, this is wrong:

+       if (strncmp(cur_timer->name, "pmtmr", 3) == 0) {


Waiting on some CAN CVE numbers to upload more updates.

Was offered all the cookies I can eat for upgrading a local machine from Woody to Sarge. I accepted .. not sure if they realise just how much I can eat when I get started ;)

My todo list is insanely huge, If I stayed awake for three or four days I might manage to make a dent in it.

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Popularity is a fickle thing....

10 September 2005 21:50

I run the 36th most popular project on Freshmeat by rating.

How vain do I feel today?

Yeah, lots. It'll die down quickly I'm sure. In the meantime anybody else want to vote for it? ;)

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24 September 2005 21:50

I've been busy recently updating the Debian Administration website. The site now has just over 2000 registered users and 250 published pieces.

(I do hope this new trademark work-in-progress isn't going to bite me …)

Apart from that I've done some more auditing. I've helped somebody move house. I've beaten my cookie-eating record. (24 cookies. Two hours. Fat Steve).

Still not dead yet.

Now to catch up on the stuff I missed over the weekend and past few days. Ugh.

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Debian Enterprise?

25 September 2005 21:50

With all the interest in Ubuntu, UserLinux, and CDD I suddenly remembered there was another project which sounded interesting; Debian Enterprise.

Shame it appears to be dead ….

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Attn: Joey

26 September 2005 21:50


I'd mail you, but …

[email protected] (expanded from [email protected]):
 can't create user output file. Command output: procmail: Lock failure on
    "/var/mail/joey.lock" procmail: Error while writing to "/var/mail/joey" 

Mail bounce ..

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Debian LAMP

27 September 2005 21:50


Recently I've been thinking about a Debian Lamp package. Simply put it would be a virtual package mostly used to install the relevent packages:

  • Apache2 + PHP4 + PHP4-mysql.

But should it depend upon MySQL? If it does that forces the database to be upon the same host.

The other part of the package is the postinstallation setup, minimally it should:

  • Enable php4.
  • Enable php4-mysql
  • Change the MySQL root password.
  • Alter the default PHP configuration to make it "more secure".

Thinking about it this work is either trivial and useful. I cannot decide which…

(There could be lamp-php, and lamp-perl which includes DBI and sets up CGI instead of PHP).


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