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Bye-bye AOL

9 April 2012 21:50

Today I took that final step:

touch /srv/_global_/blacklisted/domains/aol.com

I remember, even a couple of years ago, I had friends who would mail me from their @aol.com email addresses. These days people have moved on.

The two single biggest mail-providers I see in terms of spam are:

  • @yahoo.com - 832 in the past nine days.
  • @aol.com - 242 in the past nine days.

I'd like to drop @yahoo.com but I have some (misguided) friends who continue to use it to mail me. I might start dropping non-friend mails from that domain, but that's a bigger job.

Yes, this is a dull entry. Sorry. My existing bathroom has been ripped out and turned into this as a stepping stone into its new incarnation. I'm trapped in my office. Dust almost everywhere. Noise everywhere else.

ObQuote: "There can be no understanding between the hand and the brain unless the heart acts as mediator. " - Metropolis



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icon Jon at 09:19 on 10 April 2012

Can you whitelist your yahoo-using friends, and blacklist the rest of the domain?

icon Jon at 09:20 on 10 April 2012

Oh, a bathroom comment: plan looks good! I love my 1200×800 tray. Are you going for a monsoon shower head? I bought one with a separate diverter, but I find I use the diverter on it's own because the pressure is really good.

icon Steve Kemp at 09:24 on 10 April 2012

Yes I could whitelist the odd folk who use @yahoo.com, and drop the rest. But that would be more effort. If they keep annoying me I might get that.

I've looked at so very many shower heads, sinks, taps, toilet basins, and so on I've no longer a clear idea of what I'm getting!

But I know it has two heads - one on a wavy cord, one big round one pointing straight down in that monsoon style, and also a load of jets coming horizontally from the central "pole".

Pictures of the final result in a few days, no doubt.