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Can you stand on your head?

13 May 2010 21:50

I've been a little quieter than usual recently, having spent more time outdoors putting cute people in front of the camera. However that said I've still been doing some things. Most interestingly I've given away my first ever project.

The collection of small scripts known as xen-tools (which was initially a sleazy hack to go with a small introduction to Xen article) has now got new developers, and a new home where development is continuing.

This isn't the first time I've stopped working on something, but it is the first time I've explicitly "given away" a project. (Mostly on the basis that if I didn't care nobody else did either, or people cared but were too busy/unable to actually do soemthing useful.)

I'll be following new updates with interest, even though these days I'm 100% Xen-free. No need to go into huge details about why, but I'm enjoying KVM.

Having said that I recently got into a huge mess with a combination of LVM, KVM, and ext3. I've written up the details on ServerFault in the optimistic hope that somebody will report having experienced a similar problem. If you have seen something similar I'd love to hear from you.

Otherwise I'm genuinely at a loss to understand what went wrong, and why things failed. I could suspect hardware issues, but that feels like a cop-out, albeit one that has a potential solution (Mad Hatter: All Change!) rather than my current answer and explaination "It broke. I don't know why. It might happen again. It might not. Trust me?".

ObFilm: Alice In Wonderland (1951 version.)



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icon Steve Kemp at 05:05 on 15 May 2010

Explanation is indeed the correct spelling, thanks.