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Monday, 11 September 2017

After 13 years the Debian-Administration website will be closing down towards the end of the year.

The site will go read-only at the end of the month, and will slowly be stripped back from that point towards the end of the year - leaving only a static copy of the articles, and content.

This is largely happening due to lack of content. There were only two articles posted last year, and every time I consider writing more content I lose my enthusiasm.

There was a time when people contributed articles, but these days they tend to post such things on their own blogs, on medium, on Reddit, etc. So it seems like a good time to retire things.

An official notice has been posted on the site-proper.



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[gravitar] Michael Fox

Submitted at 05:24:40 on 11 september 2017

Thank you for your contributions over the years. I have always loved reading your site and anything you post.

[gravitar] Martin

Submitted at 09:52:30 on 11 september 2017

Hi Steve,

many thanks for all your articles on debian-administration and for maintaining the website! I fully understand, that you don't like to maintain an now mostly inactive service. However, I find the information there very helpful. I can't count the occasions that I found life-saving information on it! I wonder therefore how to let survive the content. Did you consider exporting the articles in some form? E.g. moving them to (That would also allow others to adapt the articles, when necessary.) It would be a shame to find all this great articles in the wayback machine (or my browser cache) only.


[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 09:56:54 on 11 september 2017

I hadn't considered exporting, but I think the site can remain alive almost indefinitely if exported to static text. Just copying and pasting article content into a new home wouldn't be as useful as expected though - as a lot of the time important points are clarified or discussed in the comments.

In the past I've chased people who've copied and pasted my words into their own blogs, and on sites like linkedin. But I guess I could stop doing that going forward - so long as people aren't doing so blatantly to profit from it.

[gravitar] Aleksei Kurepin

Submitted at 11:15:48 on 11 september 2017

so sad. many thanks for your job.

[gravitar] Martin

Submitted at 11:58:07 on 11 september 2017

Hi Steve,

if the site stays online, than it is fine! I hope, your software has a "static site mode", so that you don't need to maintain a web framework or database...

Thanks again for all your work on this!

[gravitar] Anders Jackson

Submitted at 16:13:45 on 11 september 2017

Sorry to hear this, but everything are bound to die at same stage. :-(

As many other has written, there are many times when your site have saved me with real information. And more often than not teached me new good stuff.

Happy to find that you still will have it in static.

So thanks for the fish and all the good work.

/Anders Jackson

[gravitar] i5513

Submitted at 21:59:43 on 16 september 2017


I'm getting blacklisted from when I login, I would like to give thanks there for all your articles and wish you good luck on your next project

That web was daily visited by me from 200x to 201y

Thank you very much !

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 07:16:09 on 17 september 2017

Apologise for the blacklisting, i5513, that is based on the source- IP. If you dropped me a mail with your IP(s) I could remove the blacklist entry - probably caused by the overzealous filtering, but it might take me a couple of days.

Right now dealing with the site is pretty low-priority, for obvious reasons.


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