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Different cultures call us by different names

18 April 2010 21:50

This past week has had a couple of minor software releases:


I made a new release which improves support for foreign language; so dates can be internationalised, etc.

The online demos now include one in with French month names.


The perl-based sysadmin tool had a minor update earlier today, after it was pointed out that I didn't correctly cope with file content checks.

I'm still pretty pleased with the way this works out, even if it is intentionally simple.


This is a simple bug-record-thingy which I was playing with recently, and I've now started using to record bugs in other projects.

I'll pretend its a fancy distributed-bug-tracker, but actually it isn't. It's nothing more than a bunch of text-files associated with a project, which have sufficiently random names that collisions are unlikely and which thus becomes semi-distributed-friendly.

Today I'll be learning to love Javascript a little more. I want to use the gallerific image gallery - but it doesn't make thumbnails automatically - which galleria does.

I need to either come up with my own which looks like galleriffic, or port the thumbnail bits over.

(I'm currently using a slightly modified version of gallerifific for my people-shots.)

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Comments on this entry

icon F�ley Istv�n at 11:21 on 19 April 2010

chronicle: great job, thanks! Finally I can output the months' name in Hungarian.

icon Steve Kemp at 11:28 on 19 April 2010

That comment would have been nicer had I setup my web-server to handle character sets properly!

(I think I've fixed things now.)

icon Füley István at 18:57 on 19 April 2010

Did you tried jalbum? I'm using it with Galleria skin, and it looks pretty good.

icon Steve Kemp at 19:05 on 19 April 2010

No, I've not heard of that. It looks like you use software to make an album and publish it upon their site.

It isn't obvious how hosting yourself works, and they mention a size limit on "free" albums.

So really it doesn't seem to suit what I have in mind. (I want to host my own images. Or rather I do not trust other people to host them for me, which is almost the same thing..)

icon Füley István at 19:47 on 19 April 2010

Noway! I'm using jalbum, and I'm hosting the albums on my site. ex.
Don't misunderstand me, I just looked for a free photo album, found that stuff on the net, and started to use it. It looks like I'll continue to use it, but of course it doesn't mean that it is, what you're looking for. It was just an idea. Glad to see, that you fixed the character sets handling :)

icon TheFu at 14:37 on 4 May 2010

I've been using a modified version of http://freshmeat.net/projects/myphotogallery/ for about 10 yrs. I provided my modifications back to the original guy to support recursive searching, but they were never included in the project.

I re-implemented search extending it to the filenames, comments and caption files a few years later. I also added an automatic maps.google.com linking if the img files contain GPS coordinates. I haven't been merging my versions with his updates.

Thumbnails and differently sized images are created automatically by the perl script or you can pre-create them to speed up gallery and img viewing.