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DNS is now resolved

17 June 2014 21:50

I used to work for Bytemark, being a sysadmin and sometimes handling support requests from end-users, along with their clients.

One thing that never got old was marking DNS-related tickets as "resolved", or managing to slip that word into replies.

Similarly being married to a Finnish woman you'd be amazed how often Finnish and Finished become interchangeable.

Anyway that's enough pun-discussion.

Over the past few days I've, obviously, been playing with DNS. There are two public results:


This is my simple Dynamic-DNS host, which has now picked up a few users.

I posted a token on previous entry, and I've had fun seeing how people keep changing the IP address of the host skx.dhcp.io.. I should revoke the token and actually claim the name - but to be honest it is more fun seeing it update.

What is most interesting is that I can see it being used for real - I see from the access logs some people have actually scheduled curl to run on an hourly basis. Neat.


This is a simple lookup utility, allowing queries to be made, such as:

Of the two sites this is perhaps the most useful, but again I expect it isn't unique.

That about wraps things up for the moment. It may well be the case that in the future there is some Git + DNS + Amazon integration for DNS-hosting, but I'm going to leave it alone for the moment.

Despite writing about DNS several times in the past the only reason this flurry of activity arose is that I'm hacking some Amazon & CPanel integration at the moment - and I wanted to experiment with Amazon's API some more.

So, we'll mark this activity as resolved, and I shall go make some coffee now this entry is Finnish.

ObRandomUpdate: At least there was a productive side-effect here - I created/uploaded to CPAN CGI::Application::Plugin::Throttle.



Comments on this entry

icon Julian Andres Klode at 15:14 on 17 June 2014

How about https support for dhcp.io?

icon Steve Kemp at 15:16 on 17 June 2014

I'm happy to pay for the DNS-traffic which is generated, but given that this is a free service I'm not going to spend money on juggling IP addresses and getting paying for an SSL certificate.

Yes this makes it less secure, but .. the source is available and if you care sufficiently you're welcome to set it up yourself.

icon Anders Jackson at 18:45 on 19 June 2014

Nice API for DNS querry. I also have probems with finnish things, though it may be because i'm Swedish. ;-)

Anyway, are there a posibility to get all records from a domain, like curl http://dns-api.org/all/gmail.com

About TLS-certificates, you always have StartSSL and CAcerts. But the last one isn't distributed with Debian any more. But they would probably be better than snake oil certs anyway.


icon Steve Kemp at 18:49 on 19 June 2014

I've known a few Swedes in my time, and they do seem to love a good pun!

For requesting "all" records you can use the any record-type:

It won't necessarily do the right thing all the time but it is close enough.

As for the free certificates, I suspect adding them would cause more annoyance than not. Much as I disagree with the SSL-providers and the business-model I think the choice has to be something that will work 'everywhere' vs. no certificate. The middle-ground just annoys both sides..

icon Anders Jackson at 22:51 on 22 June 2014

Well, I do anyway. ;-)

Thanks, that was what I was looking for, sorry.

I think I do agree with how you stand with the certs.

Anyway, StartSSL is a "proper"commercial certificate provider. Their business-model is quite nice. You pay for their time checking your credentials, they you can make as many certs as you want.
The free ones had some problems with withdrawal, but you probably get what you pay for there.

Thanks for all your good work anyway.

Have a good Midsommar.