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Don't you want to hear my excuse?

20 May 2009 21:50

Etch -> Lenny

This Saturday I'll be upgrading my main box to lenny.

Mostly this should be painless, as the primary services aren't going to change too much.

I've tested the upgrade of the virtual hosting configuration which I use for exim4 on lenny and that works, as-is. I also have a local version of qpsmtpd which I'll be deploying and that works on lenny with my custom plugins.

A new version of Apache 2.x shouldn't cause any problem, although I will need to test each site I have to make sure that Perl module upgrades don't cause any breakage.

I expect random readers will neither notice nor care if my sites go down for an hour or two, but for local people consider this notice ;)

In other news I put together some javascript plugins for jquery recently:


This allows dl/dt/dd/definition lists to have their contents collapsed easily.

Currently I use some custom code to do that (e.g. as used here) but this jquery plugin is far neater, even if the plugin code isn't perhaps the best.


This plugin converts plain links to things that make AJAX requests. In theory this allows graceful enhancements.

e.g. <a href="foo.html#bar">link</a> becomes an AJAX request that loads the contents of "foo.html" into the div with ID bar.

It seems this is a cheap clone of ajaxify, but I didn't know that when I put it together.

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icon Gunnar Wolf at 20:18 on 20 May 2009
There is a slight bug in dltoggle: Open your demo page, and click on "Open all" (or "Close all", as the same happens). The three elements are now expanded (or collapsed), but the arrows (open.gif/close.gif) still show the state as it was before.
icon Steve Kemp at 21:11 on 20 May 2009

Thanks for the bug report! I added those two functions as a last minute thing and didn't notice it myself.

I've fixed this for the default case now, at the cost of breaking the use of custom images - I guess in the constructor I need to record the custom images, so that I can later fetch them. I'll attend to that shortly.