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Goodbye twitter

11 March 2020 10:30

I was slow to start using twitter, but found it a lot of fun. Often it would be useful at times when websites were slow; I'd hop to the website and search "edinburgh network", "github down", or "helsinki outage" and find live updates as people disclosed problems before the appropriate companies updated their status pages.

I've found a lot of useful information, in near real-time, over the past few years. For example I remember hearing a loud explosion a few years back and had no idea what it was. Turns out it was an electrical substation catching fire nearby.

Anyway recently I've been getting a lot of fake notifications, things that aren't real:

  • In case you missed XXX's tweet.

You can't disable these notifications, the only thing you can do is click "see less often". For a couple of days I did that every time I saw them, to no avail.

So I'm done. I've removed references to my account anywhere I could spot them, and I've signed out for good.

(I read twitter on my desktop 99% of the time, though I did use my mobile phone to make posts, especially when images/pictures were involved.)

I've not deleted my account, but I'd uninstalled the application and deleted the entry from my password-store. No doubt in a few years they'll delete my account, though they seem to have recently backtracked on their attempts to nuke inactive accounts.



Comments on this entry

icon Paul Tötterman at 09:45 on 11 March 2020

Will you be moving to another microblog, like something in the fediverse, or is your blog your main publishing channel from now on?

icon Steve Kemp at 09:50 on 11 March 2020

I had not considered using anything other than this blog at the moment, though if that changes I'll certainly post a brief update.

(Either here or on my link site.)

icon Marcos Dione at 15:58 on 11 March 2020

Why not close the account? Why keep their user's numbers up?

icon Steve Kemp at 16:11 on 11 March 2020

If I delete the actual account links to things I've previously posted and embedded in sites/blogs/comments will break.

I expect eventually those links will go away, but I don't need to accelerate it.

I did think I could "deactivate" the account, but it turns out that actually means "deletion in .. 30 days". There seems to be no obvious middle-ground between "active" and "deleted". Short of self-control and not logging in.