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Have you been following that man?

27 November 2008 21:50


I've had a lot of fun over the past few years detecting and fixing XSS attacks - a few months ago compromising several thousand user-accounts belonging to a particular niche social networking site and then more recently experimenting with XSS issues upon a popular software developer's advocate blog.

One thing I've been wondering about recently is meta-XSS attacks.

Consider the LKML (linux kernel mailing list). This list receives lots of long patches, submitted by email, which are copied verbatum to various sites. For example if I mailed an interesting patch to LKML chances are it would get posted to:

(Obviously the challenge here is to make a patch sufficiently interesting that it received more than usual coverage.)

Do each of those sites HTML-encode patches? In general they do, certainly the ones I looked at had code like this:

#include <linux.h>

But I'm certain that not all sites do so. I'm also pretty sure there are interesting avenues to explore here, and the general idea of indirectly attacking a specific target is ripe for exploration.

Anyway I'm probably not the person to go playing in the field these days; I don't have the time. But it is certainly interesting to think about.

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