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He was in a bind 'cos he was way behind

26 April 2007 21:50

My girlfriend who was returned from hospital on Friday learnt a couple of days later that she'd managed to suffer a fractured skull.

Apart from that shocking news I.ve been doing little. Lots of travelling, lots of tidying up /bin, little else. One new toy is release which will allow me to easily release projects. The idea is you run "/bin/release" inside a project directory and it will:

  • Run a command such as "make release".
  • Check the release is signed correctly.
  • Upload the file, via scp, to a remote host.
  • Run a command to trigger a mini-dinstall.

Very simple, almost trivially so, but it has a lot nicer than having to do all the bits manually. (sample .release file.)

I had a piece of code for triggering new freshmeat announcements working a while back - but it was a little too fragile when it came to reading the ChangeLog files I use so I've killed it for the moment. (Probably "$EDITOR fresmeat.tmp &" would be a better idea anyway!)

Connectivity is bad right now, since I'm in the middle of changing home ISP, but hopefully that will be resolved in the next week or two. (Switching from Telewest/Virgin -> Sky for people in the UK who might care.)

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