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I could kill, but I don't care about it

15 November 2006 21:50

I've significantly updated the code behind the Debian Administration website over the past few days.


  • A fair amount of authority has been delegated to other users.
  • Several icky aspects of the code have been tidied up.
  • The test cases are more thorough.
  • The site stoodup to being on the front-page of Digg for a day. With no manual tweaking at all!

I still need to decide whether to open up the inter-user messaging system, and implement a few more tweaks and fixups. But these are pretty trivial to do, it is more a matter of deciding whether they are appropriate things than actually writing the code.

All of this work combined with travelling a fair amount recently has left me behind on several fronts though.

I'm going to dedicate tomorrow to catching up on the biggest outstanding issues, but I'm not sure how far I'll get.

Being behind on things actually makes me feel pretty good, I'm no longer on as many critic paths as I was a few months ago, so whilst getting behind is frustrating and annoying it doesn't affect quite so many people/projects/packages/things.

Either way better to be happy and behind than the reverse ..

ObXen: The xen-hosting setup managed to reach an uptime of 100 days. I'm obviously not geeky enough; powers of ten remain much more significant to me than powers of two!

Actually I take that back: I can recite powers of two to rediculous degrees and disassemble x86 and z80 hex dumps into opcodes with a fair degree of accuracy .. About time I got more practised at patching binaries; although its hard to find GNU/Linux software which requires serial numbers ;)

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