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I don't really come from outer space

21 November 2008 21:50

So I've bitten the bullet and ordered an ASUS Eee PC 901 W006 from Amazon.

This has 1Gb of memory, 20Gb of solid-state storage, and is preloaded with Linux.

All being well it will arrive tomorrow, and then I can try installing Lenny upon it. From the Debian Wiki it seems to be a painless process. I guess we'll see..

ObFilm: Twelve Monkeys



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icon Adam John Trickett at 13:12 on 22 November 2008
I fancy getting an Acer Aspire One, it's a bit cheaper than the Asus. I'm told with a careful Debian install battery life of more than 12 hours is easily possible on either. Good film Twelve Monkeys...
icon Steve Kemp at 15:01 on 22 November 2008

I've havered over choosing a model for so long now that I just decided to pick the model that local people own.

I've only had it a day so far, but it is very smart.

Installing Lenny was unbelievably easy, and everything I've tried has worked with only one exception:

  • Sound si good.
  • Webcam/Camera is good.
  • Wireless & Wired networking is fine.

The thing that fails? Flash. When I install the flash plugin from Adobe iceweasel segfaults. I'll look at that later, not a huge problem for me but a real surprise. I've got flash working on AMD64 so I assumed x86 would be easy!

According to the battery status applet on my GNOME desktop I've got about four hours of life. Whether that is accurate I don't know. Either way I'd expect longer if the wifi is off.

icon Tuss at 10:45 on 23 November 2008
You could try ibam to get a more accurate battery life measurement.