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I got the poison

20 February 2008 21:50

I've two video-related queries, which I'd be greatful if people could help me out with:

Mass Video Uploading

Is there any tool, or service, which will allow me to upload a random movie to multiple video-download sites? Specifically I'm curious to learn whether there is a facility to transcode as necessary a given input file and then upload to youtube, google video, and other sites as a one-step operation.

Mass Video Searching

Relating to that is there a service which will allow me to search for vidoes with given titles/tags/keywords across multiple video-hosting networks?

Regarding the searching I see that YouTube has support for "OpenSearch", but Google's video hosting has neither that nor a sitemap.xml file: Irony Is ...



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icon flick at 21:09 on 20 February 2008
Can't help out on the uploading, but the old "Democracy Video Player", now called miro and in Debian's repos, can search across Google Video, YouTube, and others. Hope that helps.
icon flick at 21:13 on 20 February 2008
About the uploading : the Jumpcut site/service MIGHT do it. Check out their Quick Guide : http://www.jumpcut.com/quickGuide/quickGuide_embed
icon Erek Dyskant at 21:39 on 20 February 2008
I'm pretty sure that most of the video upload sites have captchas to avoid this. Also, AJAZyness is always hard to script around.
icon Jochen at 20:31 on 21 February 2008
I have no solution to your problem, but I am curious: is this posting's title inspired by Radiohead's "Bangers'n'Mash"? :)
icon Steve Kemp at 20:36 on 21 February 2008

Thanks for the replies - it looks like there is nothing out there which will do what I want, and the CAPTCHAs will be an issue ..

Jochen: Not quite. All my blog entries are titled after song lyrics, but this one was The Prodigy's Poison...

icon Todd Troxell at 07:14 on 22 February 2008
Hey Steve, check out http://www.tubemogul.com/ for uploading to lots of places.
I think goog video is supposed to open up search to lots of sites, but I don't think it's there yet.