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I like languages

24 February 2011 21:50

One of the reasons I like Scotland is the fun that Scottish people have with language. I'm going to use two examples to illustrate my point:

  • "Mind" is often used as "Remember"
  • "How" is often used as "why".

The last one is particularly fun when you use questions such as "How no?" - meaning roughly "Why not?".

Languages, and idioms, vary wildly in different parts of the world, even when you restrict yourself to English-speaking languages. I'll not even get started on Accents. The UK is tiny compared to many other countries, yet we have a wide array of accents - Australia, by contrast is huge, but I can think of only two accents across the country. (Rationally I expect that there are many accents in different parts of Australia, and I'm merely ignorant.)

In conclusion languages are fun, and some places this is more evident than in others. I will most likely contintue to say "The shop is open from 9 while 4" rather than the more typical "From 9 til 4" - I'm allowed to do that, having grown up in Yorkshire!

(PS. PHP still sucks - Even if you post it upon a PHP-powered blog. ;)

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icon Simon at 07:04 on 24 February 2011

Concerning accents: This is soo much fun here in Austria:

This video is from a band in the western part of Austria

(skip to 0:36 where the fun starts). I am from the eastern part, about 700 km away and I understand next to nothing, altough this is still german!

But it's fun listening anyway. Also "screwed up" grammar is a very common phenomenon. I blame this on Austria being quite small and being surrounded by foreign-language countries, so the dialect and grammar kind of leaks-over...

Fun thing to know that this happens also with other langugage.

icon Screwtape at 08:33 on 24 February 2011

Australian English is kind of famous for how little variation there is, give the huge size of the country:


There are, of course, variations in how thick of an accent people have (stronger in the country, weaker in the city), but that's a different thing, I think.

icon John Hughes at 17:29 on 24 February 2011

Sign at a level crossing in Yorkshire:

Wait While Lights Flash.

Hilarity ensues.