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I'm gonna forget this conversation ever took place.

24 June 2009 21:50

Recently I mentioned I'd been hacking about with a simple IMAP server.

Yesterday I was working on it some more, because the message store I've been testing against contains about 8 million messages and the damn thing is too slow.

During the course of some tweaking I discovered something interesting, every time a specific IMAP client connected to my server it crashed...

I spent a while fiddling around with backtraces and suchlike, but the upshot is I'm still not sure where the client crashes, but I've mailed some details to a few people to see if we can get it narrowed down.

I guess this counts as an accidental security issue. I wonder if I'll be able to collect a bounty? (Not that I'm bitter about past bounty-worthy reports being ignored ;)

Anyway interesting times, when I least expected them.

Mostly this post is being made to test a new release of the chronicle blog compiler - which now allows gravitars and has improved display of comments as demonstrated here.

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icon Suno Ano at 05:55 on 25 June 2009

Stop hacking, start fishing ... or whatever makes the fun for you ;-)

So, when you nothing really important nor smart to say as it seems the case for me right now (hehe ...) well, you might point some mate to some cool evolving project ... at least. Take a look at http://code.google.com/p/iredmail http://www.howtoforge.com/iredmail-mail-server-with-ldap-postfix-roundcube-squirrelmail-dovecot-clamav-spamassassin-amavisd-debian-5.0.1

So, finallay, two links, neither smart nor utterly important but something ... :-)