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I'm still not a developer, but ..

10 June 2014 21:50

Some coding updates:

My templer static site generator has now been uploaded to CPAN, and is available as App::Templer.

I've converted most of my Dockerfiles to work with docker 1.0.0, which is nice.

I also hacked up a fun DNS-server for sharing JSON-encoded data, within a LAN or other environment:

Finally I updated the blogspam-detecting site a little, on the back-end. The code is now running inside Docker containers which means I can redeploy more easily in the future.

My blog post about looking for a job received some attention via a Reddit advert I posted to /r/edinburgh + /r/sysadmin, but thus far has mostly resulted in people wanting me to write code for them .. which is frustrating.

For the moment I'm working on a fun challenge involving (email) spam-detection. That takes me back.



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icon Steve Kemp at 11:38 on 15 June 2014

I've certainly written code, but I'd not want to be paid to do that full-time.

Some projects are fun, and some problems are fun, but being a coder fulltime would no doubt make me bored.

icon Nux at 11:30 on 15 June 2014

I think you are more of a developer than many (web) developers I know. You certainly seem to have developed more stuff than the average developer, too(?).

Modesty is nice, though. :-)