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30 September 2009 21:50

There was a recent post by Martin Meredith asking about dotfile management.

This inspired me to put together a simple hack which allows several operations to be carried out:

dotfile-manager update [directory]

Update the contents of the named directory to the most recent version, via "hg pull" or HTTP fetch.

This could be trivially updated to allow git/subversion/CVS to be used instead.

(directory defaults to ~/.dotfiles/ if not specified.)

dotfile-manager link [directory]

For each file in the named directory link _foo to ~/.foo.

(directory defaults to ~/.dotfiles/ if not specified.)

e.g. directory/_screenrc will be linked to from ~/.screenrc. But hostnames count too! So you can create directory/_screenrc.gold and that will be the target of ~/.screenrc on the host gold.my.flat

dotfile-manager tidy

This removes any dangling ~/.* symlinks.

dotfile-manager report

Report on any file ~/.* which isn't a symlink - those files might be added in the future.

Right now that lets me update my own dotfiles via:

dotfile-manager update ~/.dotfiles
dotfile-manager update ~/.dotfiles-private

dotfile-manager link ~/.dotfiles
dotfile-manager link ~/.dotfiles-private

It could be updated a little more, but it already supports profiles - if you assume "profile" means "input directory".

To be honest it probably needs to be perlified, rather than being hoky shell script. But otherwise I can see it being useful - much more so than my existing solution which is ~/.dotfiles/fixup.sh inside my dotfiles repository.

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Comments on this entry

icon Marius Gedminas at 15:50 on 30 September 2009

I agree that having names starting with a dot inside ~/.dotfiles would be redundant and inconvenient. But why have a prefix at all? Why ~/.dotfiles/_screenrc instead of ~/.dotfiles/screenrc?

icon Steve Kemp at 15:58 on 30 September 2009

I guess I just thought of replacing the "." with something else to make working with the repository more straightforward - rather than removing it.

We'll blame it on historical crazyness!

icon Anonymous at 16:38 on 30 September 2009

Why keep dotfiles in ~/.dotfiles rather than ~ ? I check out my home directory's git repository directly in ~ .

icon Steve Kemp at 16:41 on 30 September 2009

Having the files be in a directory is a historical artifact because previously I was storing them under CVS.

Still most revision control systems expect projects to be inside a single prefix - and I like that system myself because it allows me to easily install on a different host via rsync / scp.

icon Mez at 22:55 on 2 October 2009

Liking this, wish it'd sent me a pingback!

I'll have a look at your thing tomorrow, it looks pretty neat at first sight, and could probably be tidied up (and probably pythonised and made nicer) and then packaged :D