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I was up above it

18 June 2007 21:50

went to Teviot, the main Debconf7 venue, with Megan for a while. Picked up a couple of people and then left for a night in the pub. After chatting to the barmaid, Emma, who wanted her Ubuntu laptop fixed. Looks like that is sorted now.

Met Ian Jackson, who surprised me by being both younger and shorter than I expected.

Met Hannah, who killed Alfie, and who wasn't pregnant.

Excellent night.

I also hacked on xen-tools and tracked down copyright bits for debootstrap.

Now to bed, via The Hobbit. The tattoo I expect people will recognize when it comes to sauna-time.

In other news - I don't have a bear but now I own sandals.

TODO: Print groupie badges for people.

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