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Interesting times

8 January 2014 21:50

In November I resigned from Bytemark.

In December I started working for a local company, here in Edinburgh, in a real office (rather than working from home).

Unfortunately today I resigned from that new job, meaning I'm currently unemployed.

I plan to take a 1-2 week vacation, then look for another job as a matter of some urgency. (I can live off savings for the next half-year, or so, if I need to, but I'd go crazy if I had nothing to do for that long.)

It is unfortunate to have to resign from a new job after only five-six weeks, but much more honest to do so now than pretend everything was OK and do it at the point I'd passed my probationary period (of three months).

The people were lovely, the office was lovely, the coffee machine was excellent, the work was interesting, but the nature of a large corporate job with the associated bureaucracy made it a less good fit for me than it looked on paper.

I shall pretend that the next week or two of down-time is our honeymoon ;)



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icon Anonymous at 00:20 on 9 January 2014

Can you talk a bit about the kind of work you're looking for?

How broadly are you looking for jobs? (Are you open to jobs in the same city, same country, same continent, another continent?)

icon Steve Kemp at 07:57 on 9 January 2014

Interesting comment!

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and would have no desire to relocate. That said I worked remotely for seven years, and that seems like the most pragmatic solution, although I had wanted to reclaim the spare bedroom which I'd used as my office.

Edinburgh has lots of computer companies, so it doesn't seem unreasonable to believe I can find a local position. If not though I'd be happy to work remotely +/- monthly visits to a real office if required.

Other than currency issues I've no issue with UK vs. Abroad, although I've no great desire to return to the states, so if there were American-travel involved I'd probably say no immediately.