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IRC Interviews

16 March 2005 21:50

DPL Election

Well the IRC question &; answer sessoin is over now.

I missed it "live" due to being asleep, but reading it afterwards was enlightening.

I hesitate to criticise the execution, being a non-contributor…. But perhaps next year to avoid people with bogus IRC settings, or the pasting truncation we might have a trial session in advance?

We could have test questions such as:

  • What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  • What's your favorite colour?
  • Tell me about your childhood .. childhood .. childhood
  • Complete the following limerick ;)


The most obvious problem was there were a few replies that were truncated - they were restored afterwards. It's a shame something as simple as a "BEGIN" + "END" to each response would have helped - and next time it's something we'll know.

Thanks all round to the organizers, the people submitting the questions, and of course the candidates themselves.

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