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Let me show you the world in my eyes

23 May 2006 21:50

I've just finished recovering from an unexpected few days away to York. Unexpected because I had only intended to spend one night there, but there was some work being carried out on the trainlines over the weekend so in the end I spent three nights there, and barely staggered home on Monday morning in time to start work at 9:30.

Still nice to spend three days with my sister, her husband, and their new cat Nero.

Once I got back I uploaded a new revision of xen-tools, so the Debian package is now bugfree.

There might be more movement in that software soon. I'm currently experimenting with rpmstrap which can be used to install non-Debian distributions. Nifty.

In other news, despite valuable suggestions, I've managed to install cfengine on 69 hosts and do useful things with it.

So far I'm mostly copying files around, restarting services, and running simple jobs from it. (e.g. installing nullmailer, setting up syslog-ng to log to a central host, etc.) Still it is all going well.

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