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Lot 666 then: a chandelier in pieces

6 February 2008 21:50

This week I have been primarily looking over ticketing systems.

So far I've looked at the following:


Initially this was the package that I liked best. It is small, self-contained, and easy both to install and manage.

The significant downside was that it expected all users to create an account first, prior to submitting a ticket. If they didn't and they mailed submit@example.org they'd receive a reply back which read "Unknown user: sender@example.net".

Shame because it was reasonably featureful.


This was a little fiddly to get going with, but actually suprisingly good.

Had I not experimented with roundup I'd have said it were the best I looked at.


Big. Heavy. Intense.

It looks ugly, but provides a bamillion (metric) configuration options and can be used to do almost anything you'd like.

If it didn't such up so many resources I'd have had no qualms about using it. Even the mail-gateway was nice and simple to get working.

I'm going to take a look around some more and see if there are any non-packaged systems to look at. Pointers welcome.

All I want is for incoming emails to appear in some sort of queue where they may be assigned to an owner. If the original submitter can view the ticket online great, but no big deal if not.

I'd expect that replies sent to the ticket would be routed back to the submitter, and that replies to those would similarly update the ticket. I guess thats standard though?

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