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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Recently I wanted to cleanup my "main" remote machine. It is a system I've had for many years, which started off as a i386 KVM-guest and was later migrated in place to an AMD64 installation.

These days the host runs:

  • Mail for many domains, via QPSMTPD and ms-lite.
  • Website hosting for many domains. Each site running under a dedicated per-UID thttpd instance, behind a node reverse proxy.
  • IRC for kirsi.

The plan was originally to move the "mail stuff" to a new (wheezy) guest. I aborted that after discovering that the mutt-patched package has (IMHO) regressed.

So today I spun up a new virtual machine, and configured it to host websites.

Thus far I've migrated steve.org.uk, and lumail.org to the new host. Both simple sites that are built via my static-site-generator. Migration mostly involved configuring the proxy and the thttpd instances - then using rsync to migrate the content.

I've renamed my current host, which was previously www.steve.org.uk and is now ssh.steve.org.uk, and pushed DNS changes.

If all is smooth and happy I'll slowly migrate the rest of the sites. Fingers crossed this will be painless and I'll have a clean split between "login + mail" and "websites".



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[gravitar] trey

Submitted at 16:24:26 on 8 june 2013

Hey Steve, have you settled with GNOME 3? I'm interested to know about your desktop setup!

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 16:26:16 on 8 june 2013

For the moment I've got one toy-laptop running GNOME 3, but my work and personal desktops are still on squeeze and are running GNOME 2.x with the bluetile tiling window-manager.

I've started upgrading to wheezy several times, but not gone through with it at the last minute.

I expect I'll eventually end up with wheezy + bluetile/awesome.

[gravitar] trey

Submitted at 18:43:28 on 8 june 2013

Cool, you may also be interested in XMonad, which seems to include Bluetile of some sort now:



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