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minidlna is now packaged

5 August 2012 21:50

So in my previous entry I talked about streaming audio media to my new tablet. Despite it working for others I couldn't get MPDroid to stream to my tablet from my MPD server successfully.

After looking around for alternatives I used MediaTomb to stream my content to the Android "2player" application. After a while I switched from MediaTomb to minidlna instead - that application being built from source.

To save myself effort, and be useful, I've packaged that for Squeeze here :

There's a configuration file in /etc/minidlna and a trivial init-script. Works for me.

In more fun news yesterday I endured and epic 8 hour bus trip and travelled from Edinburgh to Loch Ness.

Why go to Loch Ness? Well I fancied a swim, and wanted to capture shots of hairy cows. In addition to that I saw several interesting birds and a lot of Scottish Scenery.

All in all a good day out.

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icon Andre Klärner at 19:15 on 5 August 2012

As far as I know minidlna is already packaged for Debian and Ubuntu..

icon Steve Kemp at 21:04 on 5 August 2012

Only for Wheezy onwards:

icon fatal at 22:41 on 5 August 2012

Shameless plug for rygel here.... (Old version) available in squeeze.
(Backport of newer version would be nice, but hopefully the old version should be good enough for most users that considers mediatomb or minidlna.)

icon Thorsten at 19:05 on 6 August 2012

Thanks for packaging minidlna for squeeze!

What`s your origin of the following recommended packages?
· libavcodec52 (>= 5:0.7.13)
· libavformat52 (>= 5:0.7.13)
· libavutil50 (>= 5:0.7.13)


icon Steve Kemp at 19:06 on 6 August 2012

Interesting question Thorsten - I guess this desktop machine is tainted by the packages from debian-multimedia.org.

I'll setup a chroot in the near future and build from Debian-proper sources.

icon Thorsten at 19:54 on 6 August 2012

nevermind Steve. I just downloaded your sources and build it on my machine: It runs now!

thanks again

icon Steve Kemp at 07:51 on 7 August 2012

I rebuilt it now in a clean fashion, and included the manpages from the Wheezy package.

I feel bad. I swear I looked for this in Debian and failed to spot it. Had I found it was in wheezy I'd have back-ported rather than built from scratch. The biggest difference is that in my package the daemon runs as root, and in the wheezy package there is a minidlna user/group.

I care about security but in my case media lives in various users home-directories so it actually makes more sense for root to be used, which is unfortunate. Something for the future I guess.