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No, no, no, no.

20 February 2008 21:50

I'm going to admit up front here that I'm pushing my luck, and that I anticipate the chances of success are minimal. But that aside .. There are a lot of people who read my entries, because of syndication, and I'm optimistic that somebody here in the UK will have a copy of the following three books they could send me:

  • Flash Gordon vol 3: Crisis on Citiadel II
  • Flash Gordon vol 5: Citadels under attack
  • Flash Gordon vol 6: Citadels on Earth

(All three are cheap paperback pulp fiction novels from the 1980s written by Alex Raymond.)

If you have a copy of any of those three books, and are willing to part with them, then I'd love to hear from you. Either as a comment or via email.

I'm certainly expecting to pay for them up to around £5 for each volume.

Backstory: I read the first when I was 10-12, then mostly forgot about it.

A while back I remembered enjoying it and bought volumes 1, 2, 3, & 4 from an online store. I got screwed and volume 3 hasn't arrived, but possibly that will be rectified soon.

Here in the UK the last two volumes are either extremely rare or extremely in demand. Typically they seem to sell for £15-30 - I'm frustrated to not have the conclusion, but not desperate to spend so much money upon them, (been there, done that).

So if anybody has some or all of these books and can bear to part with them please do let me know.


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