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Saturday, 27 June 2009

It seems the IMAP client crash I accidentally discovered in Thunderbird/Icedove was already known.

My report is a duplicate of a bug which was previously reported in 2007. Oops.

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[gravitar] Matt Simmons

Submitted at 11:29:33 on 27 june 2009

It really is impressive that it's 2 years old and not fixed, though. Still a good find. Maybe that'll convince someone to take care of it.

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 13:22:37 on 27 june 2009

I've always disagreed with the Mozilla policy that an "instant crash" is a low security issue - After all If my mail/web client exits unexpectedly I'm annoyed regardless of the cause.

It does look like this one is going to be fixed for the next release, but a two year old bug is a surprise.

I guess anything that requires a bogus/broken/buggy IMAP server to trigger is going to be low priority - although DNS spoofing, or other redirection, could make it exploitable its not a realistic attack.


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