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Not even if you let me video tape it.

10 July 2009 21:50

The online todo list seems popular, or rather a lot of people logged in with the posted details and created/resolved tasks at least.

It is kinda cute to watch multiple people all using a site with only one set of login credentials - I guess this is a special case because you cannot easily delete things. Still I wonder how other sites would work like that? Would visitors self-organise, some trashing things, and others repairing damage? (I guess we could consider wikipedia a good example.)

Anyway I've spent a little while this morning and this lunchtime adding in the missing features and doing things suggested by users.

So now:

  • "Duration" is shown for both open & completed tasks.
  • The "home" page is removed as it added no value.
  • Tasks may be flagged as urgent.
  • *Tasks which have titles beginning with "*" are urgent by default).
  • Searching works across tags, notes, and titles.
  • Tag name completion is pending.

I think in terms of features that I'm done. I just need to wire up creation of accounts, and the submission of tasks via email. Then un-fuck my actual code.

I guess as a final thing I need to consider email notices. I deliberately do not support or mandate "due dates" for tasks. I think I prefer the idea of an email alert beign sent if a task is marked as urgent and has had no activity in the past 24 hours. (Where activity means "new note". e.g. you'd add "still working on this", or similar to cancel the pending alert)

Sending alerts via twitter could also be an option, although I still mostly abhor it.

I've had a brief look at both tadalist.com and rememberthemilk.com both seem nice .. but I'm still not sure on a winner yet.

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icon rpetre at 13:53 on 10 July 2009

I was pretty excited by hiveminder.com, the only thing I really feel missing is the source code with the ability of a local install (to be able to hack on top of others' work, of course). The IM integration is particularly nice.

icon Anonymous at 19:21 on 10 July 2009

Have a look at http://todoist.com/

icon Aaron Suggs at 19:41 on 10 July 2009

You might also like Zenbe Lists as a comparison point: http://lists.zenbe.com

(Disclosure: I work for Zenbe.)

I use Zenbe Lists & todotxt.com myself.

From building a few GTD-style list apps, I've concluded that people want a streamlined todo list app with as few features as possible. But everyone wants different features. E.g., due dates, priorities, statuses, item re-ordering, nested lists, list tagging, item tagging, etc.

And different features make sense for different work styles.


icon Adrian Bridgett at 21:01 on 10 July 2009

I've been a big fan of tracks, eagerly awaiting "deferred" state and dependencies to be implemented.

Nice guide to install it here: